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Science and Spirituality

Why do we look to science for answers that it cannot possibly give? Science is useful for making structures, machines, medicines and bombs but it does not answer basic questions such as:
Why is there anything at all instead of nothing?
Why do we have awareness, will and reason?

Science is a method of rationalizing things that we observe. The scientific method involves observing a phenomenon and then constructing a theoretical model designed to imitate properties of the phenomenon in a rational way such as with mathematical expressions. The observed phenomenon is described in terms of theoretical "substances" labeled as space-time, mass-energy and force-fields. The result is a paradigm which provides a rational representation of what is observed. The paradigm is not the reality. It is a virtual reality, an imitation.
The problem with science is that the paradigm is frequently confused with the reality. It is as though a map were confused with the territory that it represents.

The models are useful for understanding how things work but they do not explain why they exist in the first place.

Our individual minds are limited because we have difficulty realizing our oneness with the one foundation of our existence. The whole purpose of spirituality is to realize that oneness. The power to transform imagination into reality requires a union between the individual imaginative mind with its source.

This universe did not just fall into place spontaneously without reason. It was created. It was not created atom by atom and molecule by molecule in all its final detail, but as a set of laws. If there was a big bang, it is because there is a set of laws which caused the big bang to come into existence. If stars and planets formed, it is because there is a set of laws which enable them to form. If there is life, it is because there is a set of laws which governs its existence.
The laws come first. The details come into being as a function of those laws.
The reality of our universe is in the laws, not in the details. The details are simply the way that we perceive the workings of the original laws.

Science explains the universe by observing the details and creating mathematical models which attempt to imitate the original laws. It cannot explain how the original laws came into being.

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