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Adam, as first man, is the metaphorical representation of the collective entity who represents all people.

Angels are collective entities who promote the well-being of their constituents.

Awareness allows you to see, hear, feel, smell, taste, and remember. There is only one source of awareness in the universe: The Holy Spirit. Without awareness there is oblivion.

Charisma is a quality which is manifested in a person who has been chosen by a collective entity to be its spokesperson. The person then appears as a leader among the entity's constituents.

The Church is the collective entity that is linked to the one true Source of Reason, the LOGOS. Jesus is at the head of the church which is also called the body of Christ. The Church is the only divinely authorized collective entity. All others are temporal.

Collective entities are group entities in which the constituent individuals share a set of ideas in common. These collective entities are of many diverse types and have varying degrees of influence over their constituents. Families, clans, companies, nations and races are just a few of the obvious collective entities in the world. Some other entities mentioned in Christian scripture are also collective entities. These include angels, devils, baals, powers and principalities to name a few. The influence on their constituent individuals can be either helpful or harmful depending on the nature of the entity.

The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus the Christ is not just a historical event but one eternally here and now in which any of us can participate. It is the death of the old self under Adam and resurrection under a new collective entity, the Church, headed by Jesus and linked directly to the one Reason which is our heritage through the Trinity.

The physical body, through natural law, eventually dies. The apparent purpose of life appears to be the creation of diverse types of individuals. The individual, as an independent entity, is permanent as a set of memories linked to the Trinity and there is no reason to believe that it terminates along with the physical body.

A devil is a collective entity who uses its constituents for its own ends without regard to their personal welfare. Wars are fought between devils, not people.

The Father is the Creator and the Source of Will in the Universe. There is only one Father and one Will.

Heaven is a state of being in which every individual is a true image of the Trinity. Each is a trinity of will, awareness, and reason reflecting the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Son. Each is a co-creator because every idea is based solidly on the one Reason, the one Foundation. Those born only of the flesh under Adam are not true images of the Creator because their thinking is not in harmony with the divine Reason.

Collective entities do not exist unless there are individuals that support them by allowing themselves to be manipulated by them. If all of the individuals forming a collective entity were to die and ressurect within the Church, then that entity would cease to exist. The collective entity has no soul. It is like a parasite depending entirely on its constituents. But if the individuals were to die without accepting Christ, they would still be constituents of their collective entities and they would still be under the entity's control. The entity would continue to exist through the souls of the dead. The fate of the individual would depend entirely on the whims of the collective entities.

The Holy Spirit is the Source of Awareness in the universe. There is only one Holy Spirit and one Awareness. It is the Holy Spirit who brings all things to our remembrance.

Jesus is the embodiment of the one true source of Reason, the LOGOS, Head of the Church.

Traditionally, the LOGOS in John 1.1 was translated as "the Word," but the Greek "LOGOS" can also be translated as "Reason" which is defined below.

As the individual evolves after birth there is a constant interplay between sense input, automatic response and free will. All of this activity is "frozen" in the past- time existence of the universe. (see "TIME") If an individual had instant access to all that information, it would be chaotic. The nervous system, specifically the brain, filters the awareness of this memory so that the individual is not overwhelmed with irrelevant data. The brain can effectively block irrelevant data because an individual's awareness is normally focussed on functions of the physical body including the brain and the physical senses. The individual remembers by willfully opening the channels which are accessible through the nervous system. Memory is usually confined to the individual's own experiences. It should be emphasized that the brain does not store memory but it filters data which exists permanently in past-time. If part of the brain becomes defective, the individual may actually become aware of a larger amount of data but much of it may be irrelevant or confusing. When part of the brain is in a sleep state, data may be partially filtered along with unfiltered extraneous data resulting in dreaming.

An individual remembers through association. A healthy brain filters past data into awareness only if the data can be associated with current experience including belief systems, education, environment, and current activities. The brain also filters the individual's links to Awareness, Will, and Reason. The filtering insures that the individual has the mental facility consistent with the individual's current reality.

If one has a tiny glimpse of reality, the way it really is, and attempts to put it into words; The result will seem bizarre to most people and very few will take it seriously.

The universe was created for a divine Reason. Every idea created by the Trinity fits within the context of the one Reason or LOGOS. The source of Reason is the Son, the Christ. There is only one divine Reason but, due to sin, it is not accessible to us until we become reborn within the body of Christ. We can not reason properly until then. In sin our thoughts are limited to human logic which includes guile and self centered ideas.

Repentance involves giving up, renouncing, all affilliation with worldly collective entities. This does not mean, however, that we no longer pay worldly tribute to them. We are in the world but not of it. We "give to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar." (Mat 22:21) Also: "Make friends with mammon so that in case you fail, you will be taken up into the more spiritual realms." (Luke 16:9) (Taken up into the more friendly, angellic collective entities in case you fail to complete your transformation through the crucifixion event.)

The natural laws of our particular physical universe are simulated by the models of science which are based on observed phenomena. Our universe is a particular set of entities, such as space-time and natural law, linked to form a unique system.

If we have an "original" sin because of Adam (see "ADAM" above}, then it is because Adam, our collective entity, is somehow interfering with our links to Awareness, Will, and Reason. One possibility is that Adam has managed to interpose a kind of substitute "reason" for our link to the one true Reason. This would be a kind of anti-Reason, or anti-Logos, or anti-Christ. Look at the world. There is something rotten in the state of the world! The need for a Saviour is evident; one who can re-establish a direct link to Reason. It is to be emphasized that we are not being punished for the sin of some ancient ancestor but that we are all under the cloud of sin which exists here and now.

The Son is the Source of Reason, LOGOS, in the universe. There is only one Son, one Reason, one LOGOS, one Christ. (Traditionally, the LOGOS in John 1.1 was translated as "the Word," but the Greek LOGOS can also be translated as "Reason.")

The purpose of space-time, in the context of this paradigm, is to allow the one to manifest as many. One electron manifests as many individual electrons. One mind manifests as many individual minds.

The power of suggestion is the means by which a collective entity controls its constituents. Ideas, urges, motivations, feelings, etc. are induced into the mind of a constituent individual. The suggestions are subtle and appear as if they were ones own thoughts or feelings. The result can be either beneficial or detrimental to the individual, depending on the type of collective entity.

Time is an axis in the space-time matrix. Changes occurring in the universe are subject to natural laws and take place along the time axis. All changes in the entire universe take place in the present moment. If we define the present moment as t=0, then the universe is static for negative time and undetermined except as probabilities for positive time. "Now" is your eternal dwelling place. "Time", as we perceive it, is an illusion. The "future" is a sea of probabilities and possibilities. The "past" is a record of what you have done with your possibilities and probabilities.

Will allows you to have volition, to make choices, to create, to selectively remember, to plan, etc. There is only one source of will in the universe: The Father. Without will you would have no control of your actions. The Father has given us the ability to use the power of will for our own individual purposes within certain limits. It is a free gift to all.

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