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...Insidious Beings Lurk Beyond Awareness...

You are an individual member of many collective entities! Some examples of collective entities are: family, friendship groups, organizations, companies, political parties, nations, ethnic groups, etc. Any characteristic or trait shared with other individuals forms a collective entity.

Collective entities are linked to your awareness and will (your ability to perform willful acts) and share your ability to reason (if any). Using the collective awareness, will, and reason of its constituents, a collective entity has a mind of its own. You are not aware of its existence because it influences its constituents by the power of suggestion in a way that seems to be your own thoughts. An example is mob violence. The mob is a collective entity whose constituents have a particular intent in common. Individuals caught up in mob activity perform acts that they would normally not do.

Collective entities have characteristics which reflect the characteristics of the constituents. Individuals who act as tyrants are members of a tyrannical entity. As the number of tyrannical individuals increases, the entity becomes more powerful and the tyranny trait becomes more pronounced in each constituent. We may refer to such an entity as a devil. The individual members do not realize how deeply enmeshed they are within the entity. Similarly, individuals who share a benevolence trait will form a very benevolent collective entity which may be referred to as an angel. The "powers" and "principalities" of Eph. 6.12 are also examples of collective entities.

We are all familiar with the situation where one or more persons are performing on a stage before an audience. The performance may be music, acting, conjuring, or just talking. The success of the performance is greatly enhanced if the performer can form a collective entity of the audience. Have you observed how some audiences seem to over-react to a performance which outwardly seems very trivial? Television is full of that kind. The audience reaction is enhanced because they have become constituents within a collective entity which is manipulating them.

Reaction to drugs is only partly physical. The addict becomes part of a collective entity which consists of all those who are also addicted. The result is a greatly enhanced reenforcement of the original effect. The physical effect is a chemical reaction in the body which causes physical symptoms but the addiction is reenforced as the entity influences the individual through the power of suggestion.

We are all members of some collective entity whether it be our employer or any other organization in which we are a member. In each of these there is a pecking order or hierarchy. Some individuals seem to rise effortlessly to the top levels even though they seem less qualified than others. What is happening here is that they are being manipulated by the entity who may have chosen them for a top position simply because they are more susceptible to suggestion. It is really the collective entity that is in command, using the individual as a puppet.

The gods of the polytheistic belief systems are real. They are collective entities which perform the acts that are expected of them provided their constituents believe in them firmly enough and satisfy their demands in terms of sacrifices and tithes.

The gods were not created by the Trinity but exist simply as collectives of people. People are created through reproduction and evolution in accordance to a divine plan but non- carnal collective entities exist only as consequences of the shared characteristics of individuals. The entities have awareness, will, and reason only through their constituents. They can act only through their constituents or through energy given them by their constituents. Without individual constituents, they simply would not exist.

Do you think you don't worship any gods? Governments are collective entities whose tithes are in the form of taxation. Do you pay taxes? Utility companies are collective entities who provide services in exchange for tithes. Do you pay your utility bills? These are only a few of the collective entities that we serve.

The LOGOS, the one Reason, is the divinely intended heritage of all people. Those who are linked to the LOGOS are immune to the power of suggestion of any collective entity. Their minds solidly guided by Reason, they form their own collective body, the Church which is headed by Jesus, the Christ, the Son, and one with the Trinity. To them, the collective entities simply do not exist.

Adam, the collective entity whose constituents are all those people who are not linked to the LOGOS, is the vehicle by which sin came into the world. Instead of choosing the tree of Life, the LOGOS, he chooses the tree of good and evil which is the world of collective entities, some beneficial (good), and others destructive or tyrannical (evil). This system of inter-related entities is a substitute for Reason. It creates an atmosphere in which the constituents do not know or seek the one true Reason. It is where "men prefer darkness to light." Only by participating in the Crucifixion can they die to the world of collective entities and become resurrected within the true Church under Jesus.

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